DSC_4521“You will never believe what we just heard.”

“I was so scared.”

“Yup, he said, ‘I have a bad feeling about this.'”

The boys, Papa and all, came rushing into the kitchen telling me they heard a really, really, really loud noise. They were all standing in the back yard trying to grab something Dad needed late that night, in the dark, with a flashlight. They heard this fall. They didn’t see it, couldn’t get the flashlight towards the noise, but they heard it loud and clear.


No strong wind, no storm, no push or shove. Just nature. Rot had taken over the stump and it fell in the dark. What a sight it would have been in daylight!

Leave it to Pioneer Papa to say, “one more thing for my list, more firewood.” Yup, nature felled the tree and he’ll chainsaw, relocate, split and dry it. DSC_4514


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