boyswithkiteWe’ve had the threat of rain for a few days, but the clouds aren’t delivering. Instead of being stuck indoors with rain pouring down, the warm air is calling us outdoors. We’ve had bikes and toys out this morning, and yes, our kite! This morning the warm breeze was perfect for a kite session. The wind lifted the kite with ease as little arms ran along launching, then anchoring. We are thankful for the warm air, sunshine, growing boys and surroundings this beautiful winter day. lucaswkitenikkokitestring


4 thoughts on “62 Degrees.

  1. I love flying kites. It is summer here in New Zealand and we have not had a breath of wind for days and days. Maybe soon we can go kite flying too.. xx

  2. We’re on the other side of the state from “y’all” but it has been lovely warm around these parts too! Just in time, because we were all about to have a serious case of cabin fever after so many cold, wet, grey days and being stuck inside so much! Tennessee winters can be pretty glum.

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