DSC_4853We are settling into a schooling pattern that allows for “scheduled” handwork two afternoons a week. Last week we took out construction paper,  computer paper, and our origami book Easy Origami by John Montroll.

I was amazed at how much the boys enjoyed making origami. They were thoughtful about their selected projects, and my 4-year-old would chant, “crease, crease, crease” as he smoothed his fingers down the crease lines. What a pleasure it was.

Construction paper really turned out too thick to use (although we prevailed with two pianos). Computer paper was much better. However, we did end up in a paper shop purchasing origami paper. It’s precut as a square, has one colored side, folds easily, and was pretty inexpensive. Our little sailboat is made of origami paper.

Origami turned out to be inspirational for the boys. They started folding and cutting their very own creations making two piano benches, a car, and a boy with a toy.

This week for handwork we are cutting and sewing slippers, very much overdue. DSC_4854


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