DSC_5119The first week of February a wet, icy, 18 degree day canceled our school group Candlemas celebration. We postponed our celebration and had candle dipping fun this past Friday. Beeswax from our local beekeeper, an outdoor camp stove, wicks, sticks, kids, and moms came together to dip fresh candles. I wish I could share the wonderful aroma of the wax. I also really enjoyed how the children clutched the warm candles to keep the chill off of their hands. The smiling children were so proud to share their growing candles after each and every dip.

A little fella in the group picked a blooming daffodil and brought it over to his mother. She, in turn, shared it with me. Well, we all dipped it right into the beeswax to see what would happen. It’s resting on our nature table in the living room giving off a beautiful scent as it’s gently warmed by the wood stove. DSC_5118


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