DSC_5201We’ve had our flour grinder set up in our kitchen since July. I just wanted to share this beautiful texture I saw while grinding away (by hand) with sunlight pouring into the kitchen.

At our IL house we had no room in the kitchen for our grinder and hence it lived, lonely, in the basement. Our kitchen island here has the grinder proudly mounted and we use it almost daily. The other day my boys were dipping dough into the fresh flour. In fact, my younger son likes to have the fresh flour fall right on his finger tips. He will eat it right then and there.

I once read an article about how women used to burn a lot more calories in the kitchen preparing meals. There was a break down of how many calories were burned for each task, like washing dishes. Today, we seem to have a lot of electric items do the tasks for us. I was delighted when my husband suggested we have the hand crank flour grinder. It clearly demonstrates to my children where flour comes from (not the grocery store shelf), it is well made and will last a lifetime (no burned out motors and landfill grinders), and my biceps get some toning.DSC_5199




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