DSC_5332Performing my morning routine of putting away dry dishes, making breakfast, and the sort, I looked up from the sink and saw our front green space was a resting spot for a lot of birds, grackles I believe. Lots and lots and lots of grackles. Acres of grackles. Stunned by this site I walked to the side of the house to see acres of grackles and proceeded to see them in the rear of the home as well. They had berries in their mouths, were thrusting leaves to and fro to forage, hopping, swooping, and swarming…all around us. They landed up in the trees and fell to the ground like Autumn leaves in a strong breeze.

I stepped outdoors to snap a few shots, scaring away plenty in the process, and the sound was amazing. Cackling grackles. I read a group of grackles is referred to as a plague of grackles. Not this morning. DSC_5340


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