I decided to give a try at stitching up a slip extender. I experimented with my slip which was tucked away without use. (Shall I give a little side note here? When you are mom of toddlers, you bend over incessantly and hence skirts aren’t really an option. My boys are graduated past this stage and I’m ready to dive back into skirts.)

Said boys picked out the lace and I stitched it up in mere minutes. I just topstitched the lace over the small 1/2″ long lace that was present on the slip. I joined the new lace in the back to hide the seam. It looks adorable and here it is modeled with my newest (Goodwill) dress. DSC_5527


4 thoughts on “Slip Extender.

    • I think there are more in my future. It literally took longer to decide which lace to purchase than to sew it. That’s why I had my boys choose.

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