DSC_5605We were most fortunately able to host a basket weaving session for eight mothers and their homeschooled kiddos yesterday. Our school group coordinator is amazing at connecting people. When we moved into our home this past July she mentioned a local basket weaver and asked if we’d like to host a weaving event for the group. We did. We organized, collected funds and yesterday we got to weave!

While the weather kept the mother’s studiously weaving in my garage,  the kids wove in and out of doors and basket making. Our instructors enthusiasm for weaving and history was very engaging. We learned that this basket features a historically accurate open bottom weave for collecting garden wares (just shake the dirt out as you walk back to the house.)DSC_5598

We were so thrilled with the end result that was completely cut out by my boys, wove by mother and my eldest, and finished off by mother and my youngest. My youngest was anxious to bring it indoors and find a job for it! (Good organizer little guy!) First job, a stop from the Easter bunny.DSC_5603


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