My idea of a fun shopping trip is at local resale stores because you never know what you will find. It’s always an adventure. While perusing Goodwill on Tuesday afternoon I found Ed Emberley’s Book of Drawing Faces circa 1975 in excellent condition. A quick flip through the book, and yes, in the cart it goes. DSC_6198

I showed it to the boys the other evening and they dove right in. Shall we draw Smiling Scott? Proud Paul? Flip to the next page, flip, flip. Here it is. The boys honed in on Skull Sylvester, Spooky Sigismonda, Pumpkin Pandora, Devil Dunwalton, Martian Martin. Well, you get the idea. We spent a half hour before bedtime drawing googy guys.

The step by step instructions in this book were so easy they were churning them out. The hardest part for them was coloring the faces in, but they worked hard at it. Even my almost five-year old was really doing well with this book. We do a lot of free form art and drawing, so this was really a fun change.

Now we have a beautiful collection of spooky guys. Hmm, how many months until October? PicMonkey Collage


4 thoughts on “Let’s Draw With Ed Emberley’s Book of Drawing Faces.

  1. I still have the Ed Emberley Drawing Book of Animals I had as a kid. All my kids love it – such a great way to turn simple shapes into unique creations! Thanks for the post 🙂

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