DSC_6235Try as I may to hold onto baby days, the fifth birthday of our youngest will solidify for me that I’m raising boys now. Jumping, tumbling, wrestling, throwing, climbing boys. Best of friends brothers who would love a little adventure in their yard. Enter the slackline.

I read about this idea a few years ago, oddly when our youngest was a baby, and have held onto the idea. I’ve seen it reintroduced recently on pinterest and in Family Fun magazine. Of course, we don’t often buy new items, we like to repurpose, so we dug around and this is what we came up with.DSC_6241

The bottom is a tie down strap that had one hook go missing. Not very useful for tying down items on trailers, but doable for this. The top is a plastic rope we scrounged from Pioneer Papa’s collections (and tied into hammock hooks into the tree the previous owners left).

Supplies located, it was time to tighten our slack line around the trees. First, we protected the trees from the tightening rope with a tire mud flap cut in two (one for each side.) We tied it and Papa tightened. The boys dove right in. Shh, listen. It’s giggling boys. DSC_6239

To make one like ours you will need one tie down strap and one mud flap. Cut the mudflap in two pieces longwise. Place the mud flap around the tree and then the strap around that. This will protect the tree. Tighten at both ends. See photo collage below for close up and pay special mind to how we threaded it through the hook so it would tighten best.
PicMonkey Collage


4 thoughts on “Our DIY Slackline for the boys.

  1. I do keep it up year round. It’s warm enough here in Tennessee that is can get used in winter easily. It’s near their swingset and they go back and forth to it.

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