I have discovered that I can make Black Walnut Leaf Tea. I was pleased to read this week that not only are the nuts from these trees edible, but the leaves also make a wonderful tea. This is a great option for me as we have over five black walnut trees in the backyard. I stumbled upon this while browsing the best ailment reference book I have ever encountered called, 1000 Cures for 200 Ailments (more info below). Just steep 3-5 leaves in your boiling water and drink. It’s both beauty and healing in one glass of morning tea.

DSC_6511According to 1000 Cures for 200 Ailments by Dr. Victor Sierpina, black walnut tea is good for astringent, tonifying, antiseptic, laxative, and wound healing properties. If diarrhea develops, reduce amount. I’ve read online many connect this tea with anti-cancer healing as well. I was looking for an astringent, so for me it’s a cup of tea and then the leaves get rubbed on my face. Honestly, to me it tastes just like green tea, a pleasant, comfortable flavor. 5350490Just a brief note. I stumbled onto this book in our small library while looking for homeopathic books. This book features conventional medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and Herbalism. It’s been an amazing reference, one I wish I had on the shelf years ago. Just recently I made an ointment for my older son’s callus because this book referred it. Truthfully, this book is better than any doctor visit I’ve ever had.


4 thoughts on “Black Walnut Leaf Tea.

  1. This looks like a wonderful resource! I just reserved it at my library…thanks for sharing your positive experience! (off to put on the kettle and pluck some leaves off my black walnut)

    • Hmmm. A challenge I know! I have young trees, so I hop up to grab what I can. A funny sight I’m sure.

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