DSC_7297A recent sunny day led us outdoors to make some sun prints.

“Okay boys, this paper will make shadow pictures.” I explained. “You have a few pieces of paper and you can put anything you would like on them.”

In an instant both boys ran into the living room and started sorting through their legos. “Anything at all….” I prompted. “Flowers, keys, rocks….anything at all.”

“Okay, I’m going to do this commander, this guy with this light saber, and this guy too.”

Ah well, not my idea of high art, but definitely theirs. Legos are certainly their favorite thing right now and I do see some awesome creativity coming from them. Alas, to the back porch we went with our legos to make sun pictures.

We used this SunPrint Kit Santa Claus left us months ago. DSC_7310

The papers developed in no more than two minutes of direct sun. We all watched in amazement as the sun bleached out the blue paper and hurriedly took it to the sink for a minute in the water. This was a fun, beautiful, quick project. The boys divided the papers and developed all of them because they enjoyed it so much. As I dive deeper into photography, I see this is a clear demonstration of a negative and positive imagery as well. DSC_7165


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