DSC_7381Our “soil” is more a red, dense clay. Talking to the neighbor yesterday solidified for me that buying grass seed for a slope on the back of the property would indeed be a waste of time and money. So, we have these barren spots that are scattered with weeds, and now apparently bones.

Yesterday when I was mowing I looked down to my left and to my surprise found a lot of animal bones. Most likely the remains of one animal. The jaw and some teeth were exposed, a hip bone, and lots more. I suspect the quantity of rain we have been getting has slowly been exhuming this animal, as weekly mowing has not proven so fruitful here before.

Next week will set up an archeological dig site here for all of us and friends to explore. As my youngest wants to be a paleontologist, I’m thinking this is pretty fortunate.


Here are some fun stories about childhood discoverers. What’s lurking in your backyard? Even if ours or yours isn’t a dinosaur, we still think it’s pretty cool!

Boy Spots Jurassic Footprint

New Dino Species Discovered by Five Year Old

Cousins Find a Mastodon Bone in Their Backyard Creek


2 thoughts on “Animal Bones Unearthed.

    • The teeth make me think it’s a coyote. That’s my first uneducated guess. It’s a full day of rain here, so maybe more will be unearthed. I hope to get some sunny weather digging time soon! I’m so intrigued.

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