DSC_7481Strawberries are officially in season. I found a patch of wild ripe berries on our property this week and our local u-pick strawberry farm started letting us pick today. The wild ones are so tiny and taste like water, but my younger son really likes them. I think it’s exciting to pick and eat from our own property.

We just returned from the u-pick farm with three baskets full. The boys are good workers and want their own “load” to eat. One year sure makes a difference. Last year our little four-year old guy was tired quickly, but this year he mustered his own basket-load, picked just for him to eat as he has warned us.

Anyhow, we all ate plenty. I’ve got a batch in the freezer and hope to go again on Wednesday. I’ve got a mile long list of strawberry goodness to make, muffins, pie (for Papa especially), jam, and smoothies for starters.


Our tiny wild strawberries.


The local u-pick farm.DSC_7468

One third of today’s haul.


6 thoughts on “Picking Strawberries.

    • Do you know what the scientific name of the mock strawberry is? I’ve not ever seen it before. I thought it was just a wild strawberry, same leaves too. My younger son likes them, but to me they are flavorless.

  1. Thank you so much! I will read through my guides too. I read it can heal eczema. That’s very interesting too. The seeds taste different too.

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