DSC_7564I love browsing other people’s cast offs. Second hand items are the crux of our home, our clothes, our wall decor, our toys, our books, our crafting supplies.

Our most recent trip to the thrift store had my youngest son resolute we could revive this tree house toy. Honestly, looking inside the box at buckets, pulleys, random screws and I didn’t even know what else, I was not as sure as him. However, the box itself was a good enough storage container for us, so we bought it for $10.

We looked online and figured out it was the well-loved remains of a tumble tree house toy. The boys and I figured out what parts we had and what was missing. We identified what was needed and got to work rebuilding.

It was missing an essential bottom level and one essential screw, which a quick stop in Papa’s shop and to the hardware store easily resolved. It was also missing some rope and a hook for a pulley, which I had substitutes for in my craft supplies.

You know what, my younger son was right. This box full of parts has become a well-loved treehouse toy again. Lego men ride up and down in the buckets via pulleys daily. It took very little effort to repair and they love it. Plus, I love the box that stores the legos. It’s hard to go wrong with second-hand.DSC_7569

Our hook repair.DSC_7568Our new bottom level.

DSC_7640Our new excellent lego storage box, with a cover!


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