yogalistWhen I was pregnant with my oldest son, I wanted to slow down my exercise program that involved weight lifting and treadmills. Remembering my mother’s yoga cassette tape I would sometimes enjoy with her as a girl, I headed to the “pregnancy yoga DVD” section of the store. I was delighted to find a few options and since then yoga has been a part of our regular lifestyle. Today, my boys and I all continue to enjoy yoga as a way to move with intention, stretch, and relax. To put it simply, yoga just feels nice and so we continue with it.

At ages 7 and 5 they are active participants in some of my adult yoga DVD workouts, coming and going as they please. However, there are some excellent resources that are child centric that I wanted share.

DSC_8954Yoga Kids: Vol. 2 DVD:

This DVD uses the alphabet to teach children yoga poses. Each letter inspires a position, think alligators, butterflies, and so on. Children demonstrate on-screen with much variation, so this DVD is about having fun, giggling and a great introduction to yoga. This title is by Gaiam whom I’ve never gotten a bad DVD from.

Yoga Game:

The Yoga Garden Game is a cooperative game with fun yoga moves too. Everyone takes turns moving the marker around the board trying to collect flowers and deflect nighttime. Sometimes players land on spots that require trying a yoga move. Sometimes they get to invent one (my boys love doing that!) The cards are well illustrated and easy to perform.

Meditation and Mindfulness:

We are dabbling with meditation and mindfulness, for now we shall call it exposure and that’s plenty for this age.


This DVD might be my favorite resource. It’s a feast for the eyes and ears like nothing you have seen, sort of like bringing the Northern Lights right into your home. Light artist Lynn Augstein has created something amazing in her Borealis DVD. New age music and swirling light have mesmerized my boys. We put it on as backdrop when things need to slow down a little bit. She posts sections on youtube here. Hurry, go!



The Three Questions by Jon J. Muth (based on a story by Leo Tolstoy): A beautifully illustrated book teaching a child how to live in the moment by recalling his recent actions.

Child’s Mind: Mindfulness Practices to Help Our Children Be More Focused, Calm, and Relaxed by Christopher Willard: An amazing resource full of data and some meditations you can read aloud to your child.


Baby Buddhas: A Guide for Teaching Meditation to Your Children by Lisa Desmond: A guide full of different meditations for you and your children. Short, quick, easy, well-layed out and a great general reference.

Other Resources:

A fellow blogger had the same topic on her mind just this week, read about Meditation Without Even Trying.


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