Thank You so much for taking a moment to visit us at Pioneer Kids. I started blogging as a way to capture moments in time for our family, like a scrapbook. These are the little things in our lives that I treasure. I hope them to be moments for my boys to remember their childhood. DSC_5221I am a happily married (15 years this year!) mother of two boys which have certainly taught me more than I think I’ve taught them! My posts include our fun moments, new discoveries, photography (I’m learning to go manual here…), homeschooling, books, gardening, and general wildness. We tend to enjoy simple days, hand crafted items, flowers, nature, the outdoors, and learning new things from new people. I am also inspired by the make it work spirit of pioneers (both past and present) and that is how the blog became titled Pioneer Kids.DSC_5315

The boys are growing more independent so quickly, and hence I’ve found some time to pour some energy into my Etsy store: Pail and Pie. DSC_5351

If you would like to get emailed posts please sign up at the bottom left of any post (I post 2-3 times per week). You can follow me on Pinterest by clicking at the bottom of any post as well. I love when you visit my store and see what I’m up to. I respond to all comments, have no advertising, and if you would like to email me you can do so at pailandpie (at) gmail (dot) com.cropped-springheader1.jpg

A short A-Z intro to me:

Airstream lover.
Boy mother.
Camped without water.
Dog mom.
Flower designer.
Happily married.
Ice cream junky.
Jam canner.
Kindling selector.
Lemonade addicted.
Montessori inspired.
Necklace wearer.
Ouch protector.
Plate dropper.
Tomato from the vine eater.
Universe wonderer.
Vintage searcher.
Waldorf inspired.
Xylem protector.
Yoga participant.
Zipper installer.


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