My Favorite Things: Opening the Windows in the House Again, Earth Day, Cleaning up Litter While Hiking, Camping, Seeing Green Push Up Through The Ground

Arrange Flowers in a Vase

Candied Violets

DIY Slackline Setup

Eat Weeds

Forage for Edible Weeds

Get Outdoors FREE printable PDF Cards

Go to an Auction

Harvest Wild Edibles

Hide the Thimble Pioneer Game

Illuminating Pond Critters

Learn to Knit

Nature Mandala


Pick Strawberries

Rainbow Treasure Hunt

Repair a Broken Toy

Sew a Slip Extender

Sun Prints

Violet Jelly Harvesting

Weave a Basket

Weaving with Apple Branches



My Favorite Things: Camping, Hiking, Geocaching, Laying in the Hammock

Make Walking Wood Stilts

Nature Box

Make a Braided Dandelion Chain

Make Root Beer



My Favorite Things: Cool Breezes, Harvesting Black Walnuts, Finding Acorns, Sweet Potatoes, Canning Applesauce

Bind a Quilt

Buy an Apple Slicer (and bake away)

Candle Making

Cool Weather Smoothie Recipe

Leaf Sledding

Make Butter

Make a Gourd House

Roll Beeswax Candles

Wet Felted Autumn Leaves



My Favorite Things: Tuba Christmas, Baking Holiday Cookies, White Lights, Wood Fires

Advent Spiral

Beeswax Dipping

Finger Knitted Garland and Ornament

Force Bulbs Indoors

Hide the Thimble Game

Holiday Countdown Garland


Knit a Hat for a Stuffed Toy

Make a Fresh Winter Wreath

Photograph a Silhouette

Stain Unfinished Wooden Toys

Rag Curls


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